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Police actions during Poland-Russia match protection

Data publikacji 13.06.2012

Police officers detained more than 180 football hooligans yesterday in Warsaw. Those persons caused peace and public order disturbances on the city area. Some incidents took place during route march towards stadium, at the back of fan zone as well as in the other parts of Warsaw. Mostly Polish and Russian football fans are among detainees. Police have been conducting procedures against persons who committed hooligan excess.

Police officers ensured safety of Poland-Russia match spectators on EURO 2012 which was an enormousesport event. Millions of Poles in front of TV, thousands on the National Stadium and in Warsaw Fan Zone encouraged Polish (white and red)team. Unfortunately some of them did not want to participate in sport spectacle. Police intervention was necessary to stop aggressive, obscene acts againstlaw regulations.

First interventions took place during football fans route march on Poniatowskiego bridge. The most aggressive football hooligans of both teams were held (detained). 56 persons were placed in Police units. Medical services informed that 10 persons were injured, among them 7 Poles, 2 Russians and 1 German citizen. Mentioned injuries were not serious enough to endanger their lives. Thanks to the immediate police intervention further Polish and Russian football hooligans confrontation was stopped.

Following interventions were undertaken on Marszałkowska and Chmielna streets and in the area of NowyŚwiat street. Police operations aimed was to stop football hooligans aggressive behaviourswhich endangered public safety. Vandals committed acts of property destroying and attacked police officers by throwing stones and other objects.

Overall number of persons detained by the Police was 184, among them: 156 Poles, 25 Russians, and one Spanish, Hungarian, Algerian citizen. 33 persons were transportedto sobering-up station.In riots 10 police officers were injured and were given medical aid. Some detainees had on them dangerous (offensive) weapons like knuckle-dusters, batons and teeth protectors.

Police proceedings have not been finished yet. Police officers are still watching monitoring and CCTV recordings to identify as much football hooligans as possible.

(KSP / Warsaw Metropolitan Police / mw)

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